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The ninja were the equivalent of secret agents and guerilla warriors during the feudal age of Japan. They had a notorious reputation among the honor-loving Japanese but they were a necessity. More importantly, the skills of a well-trained ninja cannot be doubted. Their secrecy, history and tactics have given much food for the imagination. That is why it is not a surprise to find a wide variety of books being written about them. Here are some of the best books on the ninja.

The Basenshukai is an ancient Japanese book which contains a collection of knowledge and information about the ninja clans of the Koga and the Iga regions. It was originally compiled in 1676 by Fujibayashi Sabuji during the Tokugawa shogunate. Its aim was to preserve the information about the ninjas. However, it is also a collection of the knowledge developed over 150 years between the Ōnin War to the Siege of Osaka. Apart from weapons and military strategy, the Basenshukai also deals with the philosophical and the astrological beliefs of the ninjas.

The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art
by Stephen K. Hayes

Often considered to be one of the definitive books on the ninja, this book delves into the techniques and the martial arts used by them. The writer also investigates as to how the ninja came to be associated with supernatural skills. He reveals the various secrets of the ninjas as well. Moreover, Stephen K. Hayes is a well-known practitioner of the ninjutsu fighting arts.

Secrets of the Ninja
by Ashida Kim

Ashida Kim is a famed martial arts expert who specializes in the art of ninjutsu. He is also credited with having written 50 books on ninja and ninjutsu. This book deals with the history and the techniques of the ninja. Readers will not only come to know about the true stories behind the ninja, their techniques and history. You will also be learning about the techniques and how you can use them in real-life.

Ninja: The True Story of Japan's Secret Warrior Cult
by Stephen Turnbull

In this book, Stephen Turnbull investigates the ninja, the warrior cult in the Japanese feudal age. He does not only limit himself to the history or the martial arts of these warriors but tries to provide a complete picture. He brings forward the battles they took part in and even the science that they used in carrying out their deadly work. Turnbull also takes a look at the mysticism aspects of the ninja. He also talks about the myths and reveals the truth behind them. All of these details have been well-researched by Turnbull himself from Japanese archives and presented beautifully.

Ninja: The Shadow Warrior
by Joel Levy

Levy takes the help of old Japanese proverbs and classical art to bring forward the history of the ninja. His research is brilliant as he reveals the origins of the warrior cult and their shadowy history. Levy takes the readers on a journey through the traditions of the ninjas and also touches on the philosophy that guided them. He also explores their weapons, skills and martial arts. Finally, he investigates their status as cultural icons.

Secret Traditions of the Shinobi
by Anthony Cummins

This book deals with the facts about the ninjas. It hopes to provide the answers to the many questions that surround the shinobi such as the roles they played in Japanese history, their tactics, their philosophies and their lifestyles. The book also contains historical documents pertaining to the ninja such as the Koka Ryu Ninjutsu Densho and the Gunpo Jiyoshu. The former is from the Edo period and deals with ninja magic while the latter is a ninja manual. It also contains a collection of a hundred poems that deal with ninjutsu. These poems are from the 12th to the 15th century.

True Path of the Ninjas
by Anthony Cummins

This book is considered to be the first authoritative English translation of the famed shinobi book, the Shoninki. The Shoninki is a 17th century manual on ninjutsu. The book is invaluable for knowing about the techniques, skills and mentality of the ninjas. It details the mental preparation that the ninja took before their missions and the skills with which they executed them.

The Ninja
by Eric Van Lustbader

This is a fictional novel that deals with revenge, murder and love. It presents a thrilling tale filled with old-fashioned Japanese mysticism and ninja martial-arts. It is an excellent read.

The Kouga Ninja Scrolls
by Futaro Yamada

This historical fantasy novel deals with the two famed ninja clans, the Iga and the Kouga. At the heart of this novel is a love story between the heirs of the two clans. Gennosuke of the Kouga and Oboro of the Iga hope to bring together the two rival clans and save the future of the ninjas. As such, the story is similar to Romeo and Juliet but set against the backdrop of political intrigue, Japanese history and, of course, ninjas.

by Masashi Kishimoto

This Japanese manga series deals with a young ninja named Naruto who wants to become the Hokage, a person who is acknowledged as the strongest ninja and the leader. Accompanying him in his journey are his friends Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. This famed manga series has been made into a critically acclaimed and popular animated show as well.